Valencian co-op runs reading club for persons with learning difficulties

Cooperativa Valenciana Koynos provides support for people with special educational needs and disabilities

A public library in Godella, a Valencian city in Spain, has launched a campaign to encourage reading among persons with reading difficulties.

For this project, the Godella library is working with Cooperativa Valenciana Koynos, which provides support for people with special educational needs and disabilities. The co-op runs an educational centre, an occupational therapy centre and an independent living support centre.

The reading club meets one a week at the library (c) Godella council

Established by families of children with Down syndrome in 1977, the co-operative helps to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families.

The library has set up a book club, which will use reading materials adapted to people with special needs to improve their reading skills and facilitate access to culture, information and communication.

The public library has already acquired easy-to-read books, which follow the easy-to-read guidelines set by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Two groups of ten people from the co-op’s school and adult learning centre are already taking part in the reading club on a weekly basis.

“At the Godella council, we are going to put all the resources that are within our reach so that no user is left without access to reading,” said local councillor Paquita Mocholí.


This article has been amended. The initial version said the co-operative was Catalan. Godella is a city in Valencia, which shares a common language with Catalonia, but has a different regional government.

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