US electric co-ops in voter registration drive

Campaign aims to boost voter turn-out in co-operative areas

A campaign set up by America’s Electric Co-operatives (NRECA) is encouraging US citizens to register to vote in November’s midterm elections.

Co-ops Vote is a non-partisan project created by NRECA, the body that represents more than 900 consumer-owned, not-for-profit electric co-operatives in the US. Its purpose is to inform its members on the key issues facing electric co-ops and encourage them to vote and support their co-ops and the communities they serve when they go to the polls.

The main goal of the campaign is to boost voter turnout in co-operative areas, making sure that consumer-members exercise their right to vote. In collaboration with states and local co-operatives, Co-ops Vote works to educate and engage candidates and voters on issues such as expanding broadband coverage throughout rural America, ensuring continued access to reliable electricity and promoting the work of co-ops within the communities they serve.

“More co-ops than ever are involved in grassroots voter activity,” said Laura Vogel, NRECA’s senior adviser for political affairs. “Rural communities are recognising that voting is the easiest way to start a relationship with an elected official and to take a stand on issues unique to them.”

The project supports policies that will modernise America’s energy supply in a way that keeps costs affordable, promotes system reliability and avoids imposing undue burdens on the energy supply system.  

It also encourages voters to have an active voice in the community, and promotes the democratic system of governance for all American institutions, from co-ops to Congress.

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