Lincolnshire Co-op raises £143,400 for Prostate Cancer UK

The disease takes a life every 45 minutes, with one in eight men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK

Lincolnshire Co-operative’s fundraising campaign for Prostate Cancer UK has attracted £143,400.

The six-figure sum, which was raised through its Community Champions scheme, will help support the men’s health charity, which conducts research into diagnosis and treatment.

The disease takes a life every 45 minutes, with one in eight men diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK.

A total of 157,000 members contributed to the amount by shopping in the society’s stores or using their dividend cards. The proceeds from the carrier bag levy were also added to the pot.

Lincolnshire stores also raised £5,800 from sales of official Prostate Cancer UK pin badges at Lincolnshire Co-op outlets. An additional £10,200 came from holidaymakers donating £1 while booking a holiday through the society’s 14 travel branches.

Lincolnshire colleagues raised funding through their own activities, such as bake sales, runs or bike challenges – while information systems projects and development manager, Pete Motley, raised £1,200 through a 145-mile football to Amsterdam cycling challenge.

“I took away some terrific yet sincere memories of cycling with a great bunch of people and raising money for this worthy cause,” he said.

Lincoln City, Boston United and Scunthorpe United also raised £1,900 during three quiz nights.

Lincolnshire Co-op’s community and education co-ordinator Tiffany Allen said: “No man wants to go through prostate cancer, or see a family member or friend suffer with it, so we’re delighted that together we’ve raised more than £143,400 through our Community Champions scheme for Prostate Cancer UK.

“This money has the potential to change lives. Not only will it help Prostate Cancer UK support men with prostate cancer and those around them, it also gets us another step closer to telling the disease its time is up.

“Thanks to everyone who’s helped raise the total, whether it was by purchasing an official pin badge in our outlets, donating £1 while booking a break in our travel branches, supporting our colleagues’ amazing fundraising efforts or simply through shopping with us.”

Tamarin Fitzpatrick, head of Corporate Partnerships at Prostate Cancer UK, added: “Lincolnshire Co-op has exceeded all expectations by raising a phenomenal £143,463 for Prostate Cancer UK. One man dies every 45 minutes from prostate cancer, and it is with support such as this that we can continue to fund vital research to improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease – and also provide support to men and their families who are affected.

“We would like to thank everyone who donated to the Community Champions scheme for helping us achieve our goal of stopping prostate cancer from being a killer.”

Lincolnshire Co-op presented the funding to Prostate Cancer UK at its Holbeach Pharmacy.

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