Co-operative Gig will introduce local bands to Rochdale residents

'We feel that co-operation can be a great tool for getting things done in the world of work, home and leisure'

The Co-operative Heritage Trust is providing a platform for local bands in Rochdale to showcase their talent.

In collaboration with local partners, the trust is hosting a Co-operative Gig featuring local bands the Galahads, the People and Palms – covering genres from indie and alternative, to jazz and blues-inspired.

Cameron Hay from Palms, runs Kamelion tattoo parlour in Middleton, practises with other band members and local musicians.

He says: “We received an unexpected email from Jordan Diggle saying, ‘We want you and your band to come and play a gig in a church in Rochdale, and we’ll make sure you get paid a fair amount’, and well, we just thought it sounded awesome!”

The idea to support local bands in their hometown came from Jordan Diggle, museum assistant at the Rochdale Pioneers Museum. He believes Rochdale as a place should look and feel co-operative to the people who are living and working there now.

Mr Diggle, a keen music fan, wanted to develop the live music offer in Rochdale to avoid having to go into Manchester to see acts perform. He hopes the Co-op Gig will also give young people in Rochdale the chance to learn more about the town’s co-op history.

He said: “The Co-op Gig was put together by me and the staff of the Pioneers Museum to help promote local talent in and around Rochdale and return, help showcase what Rochdale has to offer.

“The aim was to bring in people who live around here and who don’t use the area, and to show people that Rochdale can be a happening place and that we can put on some good events.

“Rochdale has competition in Manchester and Bury for events, but we think we can use what Rochdale’s famous for and try to put ourselves on the map. The Gig is about helping local people to help each other and grow something that is a good news story for Toad Lane and Rochdale.”

The non-profit live music event is jointly organised by the Co-operative Heritage Trust, which runs the museum, The Baum Pub and St Mary’s Church in the Baum. Reverend Mark Coleman in the Baum Church in the Church of England Parish of Rochdale agreed to provide the space and volunteers to make the gig happen. The pub stepped in to offer the refreshments and licence, and the Heritage Trust is helping with the logistics and management.

“We feel that co-operation can be a great tool for getting things done in the world of work, home and leisure. The gig is a pilot event put on in the lead-up to Rochdale’s well known FeelGood Festival in August and we hope that lots of local people will come along and support it to help us develop this model in the future,” said the Co-operative Heritage Trust.

Doors will open at 19:00 and close at 23:00, with tickets available online for £7 or in hard copy at Kameleon Tattoo in Middleton.

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