New app allows Kuwaiti shoppers to monitor co-op prices during Ramadan

Minister of commerce and industry Khaled Al-Roudan visited several co-op stores to check for unjustified price inflation

Kuwaiti authorities are monitoring prices at co-op retailers to ensure there are no unjustified price increases during Ramadan, and an app is being made available where customers can register complaints.

The country’s minister of commerce and industry, Khaled Al-Roudan, visited several co-op societies to check there was no price manipulation being carried out, at a time when retailers are running a series of record-breaking promotions.

He said an electronic mechanism to protect consumers will be introduced in the coming days, including the smart app, the Arab Times reported.

The app will be easy to use for employees as well as shoppers, allowing them to register concerns without having to physically appear before the concerned authorities.

The app will also enable consumers to view the actual prices of commodities, as well as monitor and locate commodities.

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