How to attract Generation Z customers?

One third of the UK’s Generation Z customers say they will visit a shop more if it shows concern for community

How can co-op retailers stay ahead in such a competitive market and attract tomorrow’s customers? Jill Livesey of research-based consultancy William Reed Business Media shared some insights at the Co-operative Retail Conference in Stratford.

She highlighted how convenience shoppers had different shopping habits, making it difficult to label all customers. The main reason most customers visit convenience stores is buying food to go, something particularly attractive for Generation Z customers.

Generation Z –  people born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s – were exposed to technology from an early age. They more are more conscious of mental health issues, have the lowest levels of alcohol consumption and are very politically and socially conscious. 

According to Ms Livesey, one third of the UK’s Generation Z customers say community involvement is important to them and they will visit a shop more if it shows concern for community.

The like authenticity and experience and dislike forced messages.

To capture their attention retailers need to “be honest” and “talk about positive values”, said Ms Livesey. Trust is also very important for these young people, something they have in common with customers over 65.

She suggested that co-op retailers stayed noisy with Generation Z customers and encouraged them to share their stories with the retailer, engage and interact using strong visuals.

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