CO-OP Financial Services launches new client portal system for credit unions

The company aims to develop the platform to include new reporting features, business intelligence tools and extended integration

USA credit union support organisation CO-OP Financial Services has launched a new user interface, MyCO-OP, where its credit union clients can access all its applications.

CEO and president Todd Clark said: “With MyCO-OP, our clients can access all CO-OP tools and programs with just one username and password.

“MyCO-OP will make serving members fast, efficient and secure – achieving a key initiative within our digital transformation strategy and tightly integrating the entire enterprise.”

The company says a credit union with 25 users will save a total of 450 employee hours a year by using the interface.

“MyCO-OP makes things easier for our staff and the multifactor authentication is great,” said Michelle Spencer, electronic services manager of Genisys Credit Union of Auburn Hills, Michigan, a beta tester of MyCO-OP.

The platform meets the industry’s requirements for securing member accounts and data.

CO-OP Financial Services aims to develop the platform further to include new reporting features, business intelligence tools, extended integration with credit union systems and data, and other features.

“Credit unions are working hard to transform themselves for the digital era,” said Mr Clark. “Speed is essential to making this happen. By simplifying our many tools, systems and processes into a single, powerful ecosystem, we’re helping our clients better serve members by meeting and exceeding their expectations as digital consumers.”

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