Union Coop will work with UAE to maintain elderly people’s homes

'This would promote social solidarity as well as co-operation between the two sectors to enhance our society'

Union Coop, the largest co-op in the United Arab Emirates, has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Community Development to finance the maintenance of elderly people’s homes.

The memorandum of of understanding was signed by Naji Al-Hai, assistant under-secretary for the social development sector, and Hareb Mohammed bin Thani, director of operations at Union Coop.

The project fits in with efforts by both parties to recognise the centenary year of the birth of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding father of the UAE.

Minister Al Hai said the agreement “aims to achieve a decent life for the people of the UAE, ensure the provision of high-quality social services, galvanising the community partnership between the various sectors in the country and consolidating the role they play in social responsibility”.

He added: “We look forward to more partnerships and initiatives during the Year of Zayed to support social work and community development. This vision is inspired by the belief and values that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan established in the community.

“Through collaboration with our partners, we aim to promote the concepts of sustainable support for Emirati families, with effective and supportive initiatives that move from the notion of social welfare to social development.”

Mohammed Hareb bin Thani said the Union Coop is working with the ministry to drive social development by helping community members through the maintenance of the houses of the needy.

“This would promote social solidarity as well as co-operation between the two sectors to enhance our society,” he added.

Last year, Union Coop signed an agreement with the ministry to support the Hydroponic Agriculture Project, to help develop skills in the industry.

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