The Co-op and the Cobbles: The Group expands into Coronation Street

The Weatherfield store is part of the biggest ever product placement venture in the history of the soap

Co-op Food is to become part of the biggest product placement venture that Coronation Street has ever undertaken.

The move gives the Group a role in the world’s longest running TV soap, which first aired on 9 December 1960 and has an average 8 million viewers.

Keen Weatherfield watchers first spotted the Group’s cloverleaf logo on screen in November, with characters unpacking food from their blue Co-op bags, and there’s more to come.

Now, an expansion of the set means a Weatherfield Co-op Food store will soon be seen on our screens.

Both the Co-op and Costa Coffee will have store fronts in the extended Coronation Street set

Coronation Street characters have often headed off to the Co-op to get their shopping but the cameras never followed them. That’s all set to change.

Weatherfield’s Co-op is having a refit and will start to appear in episodes from spring 2018 – with a store, bags, and non-speaking artists walking around in Co-op uniform.

Jo Whitfield, chief executive of Co-op Food, said: “We believe the Co-op and Coronation Street have a lot in common. We’re both iconic British brands, who’ve played a massive part in British history, and we both have our roots in the north of England.

“We both have community spirit embedded in everything we do, so we think it’s only right that we should serve one of the most famous communities in the UK.”

She said the placement was a “fantastic opportunity to reach an audience of millions in new and different ways. It’ll raise the profile of our brand and of Co-op membership”.

The retailer has more developments to come in its relationship with the ITV soap, including competitions, added Ms Whitfield.

And the Group wants to hear from its colleagues who have Coronation Street colleague stories and connections, asking them to email [email protected]

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