India’s national co-op body hosts regional conferences to sound out the movement

The most recent event, organised by apex organisation NCUI to collect recommendations for a national congress, was held in the northern city of Chandigarh

The National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI) is running series of regional conferences in a bid to strengthen the movement and listen to the full range of co-op voices.

The most recent event, for the north, was held on 12 August in Chandigarh, joint capital of Punjab and Haryana. It saw a number of the region’s key co-operators in attendance.

NCUI president Chandra Pal Singh

The programme of zonal conferences began last October, with an event covering the east of India, in Gangtok. Recommendations from the inaugural event included: no government interference in the functioning of co-ops; tax exemption for co-ops; a training policy for co-operatives by all the states; and increased participation for women.

The south and west zone co-operative conferences will take place in Bangalore and Goa, respectively.

NCUI said the northern conference was attended by registrars, chairs and managing directors of state-level co-operatives.

“We try to drive home the point in such meetings that the downtrodden could be best uplifted through strengthening the co-operative movement,” said NCUI president Chandra Pal Singh.

Citing the role of cooperatives in various fields from agriculture and finance to housing, he urged all co-operators to strengthen the movement.

NCUI vice-president Bijender Singh also addressed the gathering.

The major recommendations of the zonal conferences will compiled and presented before the national cooperative congress in February 2018.


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