Registration open for Social Co-operatives International School

The event, held in Naples this October, includes a look at best practice, communication strategies and sharing platforms

Social co-operators from across the world will meet in Naples, Italy, in October for the third edition of the Social Cooperatives International School.

The event, held on 19-22 October, is organised by Federsolidarietà, the largest federation of social co-ops in Italy. The country has more than 11,000 social co-operatives, which are leading the way in providing services and assistance to those at risk of social exclusion as a key employer for disadvantaged people.

Participants can attend four thematic sessions and one seminar, with presentations on best practice and the role played by co-operative groups and consortia in social co-ops.

They will also explore issues such as partnerships among co-operatives, and between co-operatives and other enterprises.

The four sessions will look at the normative framework for social co-operatives; models and strategies to enhance communication on social co-operatives; social farming; and management and leadership in social co-operatives. The special workshop will examine work in the context of sharing economy platforms and the potential for co-operative models.

Registration is open until 6 September, and more information is available at CICOPA’s website.

The school’s first edition took place in Milan, coinciding with the 2015 EXPO.

The 2016 edition gathered around 30 co-operative managers from Italy, Japan, Croatia, Czech republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey.

They touched upon issues such as local development, partnership between social co-operatives and conventional enterprises, financial instruments for the development of social cooperatives and the challenge of migrations.

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