Lincolnshire members mucking in for the Big Co-op Clean

The co-op is encouraging members to muck in and help spruce up Lincolnshire’s green spaces

For Co-operative Fortnight’s Big Co-op Clean, Lincolnshire Co-op is asking colleagues, members and customers to help spruce up Lincolnshire’s green spaces.

People are being asked to help out at a selection of nature spots and environmental projects, ranging from school wildlife areas and community gardens to nature reserves, public parks and one of Lincolnshire’s beautiful beaches.

The events, which began on Tuesday 6 June, will see volunteers working together to trim hedges, create paths, garden and litter pick. They will form part of the support being given to green space projects under Lincolnshire Co-op’s Community Champions scheme this summer.

“The groups all work incredibly hard to create and grow these green spaces,” said Ben James, senior community and education co-ordinator.

“Together, we can carry out crucial tasks and maintenance to make sure they blossom for generations to come. We’d love to see more people join in, too.

“Volunteering takes place for a few hours each day at separate locations. It doesn’t take long to register and you can do it online through Lincolnshire Co-op’s website.”

One of the sites is Burgh Angling Society and Community Nature Reserve, where on 8 June volunteers can help with clearing and maintenance work and litter picking.

The site in Farlesthorpe, near Alford, contains a fishing lake but behind a wooden door is a ‘secret’ walled garden where families can see how food is grown. The committee plans to add a reception and classroom space, a net dipping area and disabled facilities to the site.

Mr Hickman said green spaces are vital to wildlife and for teaching children about nature.

“We do it for nothing, and we do it to help the community,” said Dave Hickman, chair of the nature reserve’s committee group.

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