Members and employees vote for Co-operative Group charity partnership

Co-operative Group staff shape up for their new charity campaign

The Co-operative Group has launched a vote to decide which issues and charities to support in the future. Employees and members of the Group will be able to cast their votes online or by phone, helping to choose the Co-operative’s future charity partnerships. The Group will then campaign on the issue based on the feedback […]


Housing awards recognise co-op champion with lifetime achievement

Maureen Stables (centre) with presenter Nick Hewer

With more than 40 years of dedication to co-operative housing, the chair of CDS Co-operatives has received a lifetime achievement award. Maureen Stables, from the tenant and housing co-op services provider, received the recognition at the Housing Hero Awards in Manchester. Hosted by Nick Hewer, the former business adviser on the Apprentice, the ceremony hosted […]


How co-operatives can influence the UN’s development goals on equality


The International Day of Co-operatives is a “global opportunity” to highlight the contribution of co-operatives in equality, according to a body that represents the sector. The Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC) – an alliance of bodies including the United Nations and the International Co-operative Alliance – said the day presents a […]


Co-ops make a sustainable future a ‘reality’, says UN secretary-general

United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon sent out a supporting statement of co-operatives

Co-operatives help stem inequality said the UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon. In a statement for the UN-celebrated International Day of Cooperatives on 4 July, which has a theme of ‘choose co-operative, choose equality’, he said the day “highlights the invaluable role of co-operatives in making the vision of a sustainable future a reality for everyone”. Ahead of […]


International Day of Co-operatives 2015: Choose co-operative, choose equality


On Saturday, co-operatives around the world will mark the International Day of Co-operatives. July 4, the first Saturday of July, will celebrate equality within the co-operative sector. In a statement, the International Co-operative Alliance said: “Equality is a fundamental value that ensures that all people can reap the benefits of economic and social development. Yet, we […]


Workers’ co-op brings its expertise to Harrow’s voluntary sector

Voluntary Action Harrow offers support to the community and social enterprise sector in the borough

Voluntary Action Harrow is a workers’ co-operative offering support to people in West London working in the community and social enterprise sector. Its four-strong team helps organisations fulfil their potential in a wide variety of areas – from bidding for grants and marketing to research and website design. It also offers help with practical issues such […]


How building societies do governance

'Poor standards of governance were a primary cause of nearly all the banking failures'

“Poor standards of governance were a primary cause of nearly all the banking failures,” according to the chief executive of the Building Societies Association. And building societies were not immune, said Robin Fieth in the introduction to a report on how the sector handles governance. The independent review by Odgers Berndtson found the quality of governance […]


The sustainability journey part 3 – Making and assessing progress

Calverts design co-operative has embraced formal certification

While part 2 looked at goals and strategy, the focus in part 3 is action, keeping track, accreditation and the need to involve others. Taking action Taking sustainability seriously is an ongoing process of change rather than one or two actions, and demands perseverance and creativity. Having reviewed the issues, determined priorities, and established goals (see […]


Can co-ops lead a money revolution through digital currencies?

Bitcoin was the first digital currency - but co-op currencies have followed

Across the world alternative currencies are gaining momentum as they continue to challenge the traditional money system. Based on a peer-to-peer technology (P2P), with no central authority or banks, they are sometimes referred to as co-operative currencies. And while they are not linked to the official co-operative movement, which at this point does not have […]


How digital currencies are boosting the social economy in Catalonia

Enric Duran, Catalonia's 'Robin Hood of banks', is one of the founders of CIC

Case study: FairCoin Distributed for the first time in March last year, FairCoin could be seen as the co-operative equivalent of Bitcoin. About 20% of all FairCoins in circulation (worth €700,000) are stored by FairCoop, an independent co-operative affiliated to the Catalan Integral Co-operative (CIC). The currency is used by all co-operatives and groups that are […]