Solar power advocate takes to Edmonds roof to promote cooperative – The Herald (Washington)

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Inspired by Occupy Wall Street activists, Carlo Voli took to a downtown Edmonds roof earlier this month to draw attention to the progress the city’s solar cooperative has made in the past year and what ground still needs to be covered.

Voli, an Edmonds resident and a member of the Edmonds Community Solar Cooperative, occupied the roof of the Fabric of Life boutique, 523 Main St., from Dec. 9 to Dec. 11.

“Cooperative solar energy initiatives bring communities together,” Voli said. “They also stimulate the local economy since the solar panels are manufactured in Washington state.”

Voli stayed in a tent and with the help of a solar-powered oven enjoyed a couple of hot meals.

The Edmonds cooperative formed late last year and has a 4.2-kilowatt solar panel project in place atop the Frances Anderson Center. They plan to install a 60-kilowatt system in the summer of 2012.

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